Bicycles and equipment used in competition across the different disciplines are at the forefront of the latest technology. The rules governing the use of equipment aim to ensure both the safety of riders and the fairness of competition while at the same time making the most of the advantages that technological evolution can bring to cycling.

Clarification of the Technical Regulation

 Clarification guide of the UCI Technical Regulation

 Protocol for the construction of measuring jig for time trial bicycles


Spanish version


Frames and forks approval
All the information concerning the approval procedure for frames and forks is available in the following document.

 Approval protocol for frames and forks


Below are the documents necessary to ensure that the approval procedure runs smoothly as defined in the Protocol.

 Application form for the submission of frames and forks

 OpenTrust Users’ Guide

 UCI approval labels for approved bicycle equipment


The FAQ document answers the most common questions regarding the approval.

 FAQ: Approval Protocol for Frames and Forks


Below you will find the regularly updated list of approved models of frames and forks.

 List of Approved Models of Frames and Forks


Wheels approval ( since 2016)

 Approval protocol for wheels

 Wheels approval application form

 Letter from the manufacturer – Confirmation of successful test

 List of approved wheels


Wheels approval (2000 – 2015)

 Non-standard wheels in conformity with Article 1.3.018 (until 31.12.2015)



 2017 UCI Jerseys Visual Guidelines


The link below presents the 3D measuring device from Hexagon Metrology used to allow the dimensional compliance of the frames and forks.

Bike Measurement Station


Technological fraud

 Test Report from Microbac Laboratories